Salmon Creek Little League


Salmon Creek 9/10 All-Stars

for placing 2nd in State!

Photo courtesy of Shawna Barnum

7/14: Salmon Creek 9, Richland National 4
7/15: Lacamas 0, Salmon Creek 16
7/17: Salmon Creek 4, Federal Way 8
7/18: Salmon Creek 10, Gig Harbor 6

7/19: Salmon Creek 10, Pacific 7
7/20: Eastlake 3, Salmon Creek 11
7/21: Salmon Creek 10, Federal Way 0
7/22: Salmon Creek 1, Federal Way 7

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9/10 Washington State Tournament, hosted by Auburn Little League
2012 WA State All-Star games at Auburn Little League
Date Time Field Division Team Score Team Score
7/14/12 6:00 PM GSA #1 9/10 Salmon Creek 9 Richland Nat D12 4 State Tourney
7/15/12 9:00 AM GSA #2 9/10 Salmon Creek 16 Lacamas D4 0 State Tourney
7/17/12 6:00 PM GSA #2 9/10 Salmon Creek 4 Federal Way D10 8 State Tourney
7/18/12 6:00 PM GSA #1 9/10 Gig Harbor D2 6 Salmon Creek 10 State Tourney
7/19/12 6:00 PM GSA #2 9/10 Salmon Creek 10 Pacific D1 7 State Tourney
7/20/12 6:00 PM GSA #1 9/10 Eastlake D9 3 Salmon Creek 11 State Tourney
7/21/12 Noon GSA #1 9/10 Federal Way D10 0 Salmon Creek 10 State Tourney
7/22/12 Noon GSA #1 9/10 Federal Way D10 7 Salmon Creek 1 State Championship

Congratulation 9/10 All Stars for taking 2nd place in State!

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9/10 WA State All-Stars Game 8 photos

July 22, 2012: Federal Way 7, Salmon Creek 1

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Photos courtesy of Shawna Barnum

9/10 WA State All-Stars Game 6 photos

July 20, 2012: Eastlake 3, Salmon Creek 11

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Photos courtesy of Shawna Barnum

9/10 WA State All-Stars Game 2 photos

July 15, 2012: Salmon Creek 16, Lacamas 0 (4 innings)

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Brandon Mukensnabl

Bernardo Aguilar-Pelayo with the catch

Nick Alder with the hit

Titus Oien

Kyle Olson

Brandon Mukensnabl

Derek Lewis

Nick Alder

Isaiah Lamont on third base

Ashton Schmidt on the mound

Bernardo Aguilar-Pelayo

Titus Oien with the out at first

Photos courtesy of Shawna Barnum and Valeri Olson

9/10 WA State All-Stars Game 1 photos

July 14, 2012: Salmon Creek 9, Richland National 4

Photo courtesy of Shawna Barnum

Photo courtesy of Shawna Barnum

Photo courtesy of Shawna Barnum

District 6 Tournament

2012 District 6 All-Star games at Glenwood Little League
Date Time Field Division Team Score Team Score
6/23/12 3:00 PM Star Rental 10-11 Hazel Dell 7 Salmon Creek 11 Tournament
6/24/12 3:00 PM Nutter 9-10 Salmon Creek 13 Hazel Dell 0 Pool
6/24/12 4:00 PM Star Rental 10-11 Salmon Creek 14 Glenwood 6 Tournament
6/26/12 5:30 PM Star Rental 10-11 Ridgefield 7 Salmon Creek 0 Tournament
6/26/12 8:00 PM Nutter 9-10 Salmon Creek 14 Highlands 1 Pool
6/27/12 5:30 PM Star Rental 10-11 Salmon Creek 10 Hazel Dell 16 Tournament
6/28/12 8:00 PM Nutter 9-10 North Clark 0 Salmon Creek 18 Pool
6/29/12 8:00 PM Star Rental Major Ridgefield 1 Salmon Creek 3 Pool
6/30/12 9:00 AM Nutter 9-10 La Center 4 Salmon Creek 14 Pool
6/30/12 3:00 PM Star Rental Major La Center 0 Salmon Creek 10 Pool
7/1/12 3:00 PM Nutter 9-10 Salmon Creek 12 Ridgefield 0 Tournament
7/2/12 5:30 PM Nutter 9-10 Glenwood 0 Salmon Creek 4 Tournament
7/3/12 5:30 PM Star Rental Major Salmon Creek 8 Highlands 2 Pool
7/5/12 5:30 PM Nutter 9-10 Salmon Creek 4 Hazel Dell 0 Championship!
7/6/12 8:00 PM Star Rental Major Salmon Creek 11 North Clark 0 Pool
7/8/12 1:00 PM Star Rental Major Lewis River 4 Salmon Creek 9 Tournament
7/9/12 5:30 PM Star Rental Major Salmon Creek 0 Glenwood 9 Tournament
7/10/12 5:30 PM Star Rental Major Salmon Creek 10 Ridgefield 2 Tournament
7/11/12 5:30 PM Star Rental Major Glenwood 3 Salmon Creek 4 Tournament
7/12/12 5:30 PM Star Rental Major Glenwood 10 Salmon Creek 3 Championship!

Salmon Creek All Star Major's Play for District Championship Thursday Night!

11/12 All-Stars - Game Recap by Christine Hill

11/12 All-Stars: Glenwood 3, Salmon Creek 4

07/11/2012 - Tonight's game was exactly what you would expect from a championship game. Tied 3-3 going into the bottom of the 6th inning. Glenwood jumped out to an early lead scoring 2 runs in the top of the 1st inning. Salmon Creek battled back scoring 1 run in the 1st and 2 runs in the 3rd inning to take the lead. Glenwood tied the ball game in the top of the 5th. Salmon Creek led off the bottom of the 6th with a walk to Dylan Bartos. He was advanced to 3rd on a bunt by Cameron Yount who reached 1st safely on a throwing error by Glenwood. That set the stage for Hunter Renne. He hit a towering fly ball into short center field with a collision of 3 Glenwood players. By the time the ball rolled out of the dog pile Bartos had crossed the plate to score the winning run! Salmon Creek advances to the if game tomorrow where the winner will be crowned champion of District 6 and heads to Walla Walla for State.

Our next game is Thursday, July 12th at 5:30 pm vs. Glenwood. Hope to see you there.

Salmon Creek
Highlights -Pitching- Max Rose 5 2/3IP 5K 3BB 3H 3R, Tyler Berger Win 1 1/3 IP 1H 1K. Carter Hill 1-2 1B SB R, Max Rose 1-2 2B SAC RBI, Tyler Berger 1-3 2B RBI R, Dylan Bartos 1-1 1B RBI R, Griffin Sissel 1-2 1B, Hunter Renne RBI.

11/12 All-Stars - Game Recap by Christine Hill

11/12 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 10, Ridgefield 2

07/10/2012 - Glenwood here we come for the championship game (and hopefully two). Salmon Creek played a great game defensively and offensively against Ridgefield tonight. Dylan Bartos pitched an outstanding game through 5 innings. He started out the 1st inning needing only 7 pitches to face 4 batters. Salmon Creek then scored 2 runs on Max Rose's double to score Garrett Berger who had walked and then Rose scored when Tyler Berger reached on error.

Ridgefield scored 1 run in the 2nd inning before Bartos struck out 3 batters. Salmon Creek put up 5 more runs in the bottom of the 2nd all with 2 outs. Cameron Yount and Griffin Sissel started the inning with back to back singles. Ridgefield then retired the next two batters before Carter Hill hit a single to load the bases. G. Berger then hit a shot to left center to score Yount and Sissel. Rose followed with a single to score Hill from 2nd base. T. Berger hit a single to score G. Berger and Bartos got an RBI single scoring Rose. Salmon Creek 7 Ridgefield 1 after 3 innings.

Bartos continued throwing strikes to allow only 2 hits and striking out 5 Ridgefield batters in the 3rd and 4th innings. Rose led off the 4th inning with a towering home run over the center field fence making the score Salmon Creek 8 Ridgefield 1.

The top of the order was up for Ridgefield in the 5th inning where their number 2 hitter walked to eventually score at the plate when Swan hit a single. Bartos ended the 5th and his pitching for the night recording his 10th strike out. Salmon Creek plated 2 more runs in the 5th. Kainoa Crabb opened the inning with a line drive off the face of relief pitcher Tim Radosovich. It was a scary moment but the crowd was relieved to see Tim walk off the field on his own. Hill then welcomed a second relief pitcher to the game with a single. G. Berger followed with a sac hit to score Crabb and Rose had his 4th hit of the night to score Brent Monahan who had entered as a pinch runner for Hill.

Rose ended the game with a 15 pitch 6th inning that included 2 strike outs.
Bartos allowed 4 hits, struck out 10 and walked 2 in 5 innings.

Our next game is Wednesday, July 11th at 5:30 pm vs. Glenwood. Hope to see you there for the championship game.

Salmon Creek
Highlights - Kainoa Crabb 1-2 1B R, Carter Hill 2-4 2-1B 2R, Garrett Berger 1-2 3RBI 2R, Max Rose 4-4 2-1B 2B HR 4RBI 3R, Tyler Berger 1-4 1B 2RBI, Dylan Bartos 2-3 2-1B RBI, Cameron Yount 1-3 1B R, Griffin Sissel 1-3 1B R.

11/12 All-Stars - Game Recap by Christine Hill

11/12 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 0, Glenwood 9

07/09/2012 - Salmon Creek's bats went cold and had a few too many errors to pull off the win against Glenwood. They hung in there through the 5th inning with a score of Lewis River 2 and Salmon Creek 0. Salmon Creek used 4 pitchers who combined for 3 strike outs, allowed 9 hits and walked Glenwood 7 times but 6 defensive errors were a bit too much to overcome. Glenwood's pitcher, Taryn Yarnell who also went 4-4 at the plate, threw a complete game and allowed only 3 hits. Salmon Creek was unable to plate any runs leaving men in scoring position a couple times during the game.

Highlights include Tyler Berger jumped up at shortstop to snag a soft line drive in the 2nd inning, Hunter Renne hitting a hard single up the middle for a base hit in the 3rd inning and Cameron Yount beating out a beautiful bunt using his lightening speed in the 5th. The Creek also completed a nice inning ending double play in the 4th when Renne fielded the ball at 3rd threw to 1st for the out and Max Rose rifled the ball home to Sissel who tagged the runner attempting to score from 3rd.

Our next game is Tuesday, July 10th at 5:30 pm vs Ridgefield. Hope to see you there.

Salmon Creek
Highlights - Max Rose 1-3 2B, Cameron Yount 1-2 1B, Hunter Renne 1-2 1B.

11/12 All-Stars - Game Recap by Christine Hill

11/12 All-Stars: Lewis River 4, Salmon Creek 9

07/08/2012 - If you left early from this game you'll be kicking yourself! Salmon Creek was the visiting team and opened the first inning with 3 strike outs. Lewis River then sent 8 batters to the plate scoring the first 3. Not exactly the start we had envisioned. Salmon Creek opened the 2nd inning with Max Rose reaching base on error and Tyler Berger smoking a pitch to left center that bounced over the fence and off the trees for a ground rule double. However, The Creek could not take advantage of the situation with the next 3 hitters striking out. Ouch! Lewis River meanwhile scored 1 more run in the bottom of the second when Lopez scored on a hit from Junior Gomez making the score Lewis River 4 Salmon Creek 0 after 2 innings. The 3rd and the 4th innings played to a stalemate with neither team plating any runs. Dylan Bartos pitched the 3rd and 4th innings for Salmon Creek allowing 1hit for Lewis River and receiving steady defensive play by his fielders. The score remained Lewis River 4 Salmon Creek 0 after 4 innings. But as our motto says - SCNQ and Salmon Creek Never Quits!

The 5th inning for Salmon Creek started off with Hunter Renne getting walked and Carter Hill hitting a single up the middle ricocheting off the pitcher. Garrett Berger then singled in Renne for Salmon Creeks 1st run of the ballgame advancing Hill to 3rd. Hill then scored our 2nd run of the game on a passed ball before our final out of the inning. The first batter in the 5th inning for Lewis River faced Bartos to a full count when Cameron Yount came in to finish him off with a one pitch strikeout. Yount continued pitching facing the heart of the Lewis River order allowing one hit and leaving 2 runners on base. Steady defense and good pitching gave The Creek a chance but the score was Lewis River 4 Salmon Creek 2 after 5 innings. Last chance for our boys was coming in the top of the 6th and they did not disappoint.

Bartos opened the 6th inning getting hit by a pitch. Lewis River then walked Yount and Griffin Sissel. Bartos stole home on a passed ball with a close play at the plate but he was safe. Lewis River 4 Salmon Creek 3. Renne then reached base on a dropped 3rd strike loading the bases. Brent Monahan attempted a 2 strike squeeze bunt that he got down but Junior Gomez for LR fielded the ball and touched home just before Kainoa Crabb for our first out. The bases remained loaded when Hill ripped a 2 strike pitch to left field scoring Renne and Sissel giving The Creek their first lead of the day! SC 5 LR 4; but they were not done yet.

G. Berger walked to load the bases again and LR attempted a play on the advancement. A frustrated LR player then wildly threw the ball to the ground up the line allowing Monahan to score from 3rd and the runners all to advance. Rose then lined out to right field scoring Hill on the sacrifice fly. T. Berger then hit a soft grounder to the 3rd basemen who attempted to throw out G. Berger advancing home from 3rd but it was not in time. The LR pitcher continued to struggle walking Bartos. Yount then hit a ball over the head of the shortstop to score T. Berger for The Creeks final run of the inning. After 5 and a half innings the score was Salmon Creek 9 Lewis River 4. Time for us to shut the door. Max Rose took the mound in the bottom of the 6th inning striking out the side and securing victory for the boys of Salmon Creek. We now advance in bracket play to face Glenwood, the other undefeated team at district, with the winner advancing to the championship game.

Salmon Creek pitchers combined to strike out 11 batters, walk only 1 and giving up 7 hits during the game.

Our next game is Monday, July 9th at 5:30 pm vs. Glenwood. Hope to see you there.

Salmon Creek
Highlights - Carter Hill 2-4 2-1B 2RBI 2R, Garrett Berger RBI R, Max Rose 1-2 1B SAC RBI, Tyler Berger 1-4 2B RBI R, Dylan Bartos R, Cameron Yount 1-2 1B RBI, Griffin Sissel R, Hunter Renne 2R, Brent Monahan R.

11/12 All-Stars - Game Recap by Christine Hill

11/12 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 11, North Clark 0

07/06/2012 - Salmon Creek 11-12 All Stars completed a sweep of their pool play with an 11-0 win over North Clark. It was a team effort with contributions from each player. Griffin Sissel threw 4 pitches in the first inning with 3 up 3 down. Our first at bats started off with a bunt single by Kainoa Crabb followed by Carter Hill' s single. G. Berger hit one hard to the pitcher who made a nice snag to get the out. Max Rose walked to load the bases but The Creek was unable to push across any runners before the end of the 1st inning.

Max Rose threw 7 pitches in the 2nd inning to retire North Clark. Sissel started the inning for Salmon Creek with a single, Brent Monahan got a single and took advantage of North Clark's errors to move around the bases while Dylan Bartos hit a single to score Sissel. Garrett Berger reached on error and Rose singled to center. Salmon Creek aggressively ran the bases with Monahan scoring at home on an error and Dylan Bartos stealing home. The inning ended when North Clark completed an excellent relay from center field to throw out a Creek runner at the plate. The score after the 2nd inning was 3-0.

Hill pitched to 4 batters in the 3rd inning before retiring the side and then the scoring flood gates opened for Salmon Creek. Tyler Berger hit a shot to right, Cameron Yount hit a single to right, and Sissel hit an awesome double down the third base line to score T. Berger. Monahan reached on an error and Yount scored, Bartos reached on a fielders choice when North Clark made the out on Monahan at 2nd base for the 2nd out. Hill then hit a single to left field and G. Berger laid down a perfect bunt to load the bases. Rose laced a double to the outfield clearing the bases for 3 more runs but The Creek wasn't done yet. T. Berger reached on error scoring Rose and Yount hit a double to left field to score T. Berger from first. Salmon Creek scored 8 runs in the 3rd inning for a total of 11 runs for the game.

North Clark sent 3 batters to the plate in the 4th inning for the All Star pitching debut of Dylan Bartos. Not surprisingly they came up empty handed. Bartos struck out 2 before T. Berger made a great play in the hole and threw across the diamond for the out to end the game.

Salmon Creek pitchers struck out 5, allowed 1 hit, and walked only 1 batter in 4 innings.

Salmon Creek opens up bracket play on Sunday, July 8th at 1:00pm.

Salmon Creek
Pitching- Sissel, Rose, Hill and Bartos(1 inning each) for 5 K's, 1 hit, 1BB;
Highlights - Kainoa Crabb 1-1 1B, Carter Hill 2-2 2-1B SAC R, Garrett Berger 1-3 R, Max Rose 2-2, 1B 2B 3RBI R, Tyler Berger 1-3 1B RBI 2R, Dylan Bartos 1-2 1B RBI 2R, Cameron Yount 2-3 1B 2B RBI R, Griffin Sissel 2-3 1B 2B RBI 2R, Brent Monahan 1-2 1B RBI R.

9/10 All-Stars Championship Game - Recap by T. Smith

9/10 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 4, Hazel Dell 0

Congrtulations District 6 Champions!

7/5/2012 - The Salmon Creek 9/10 All Stars triumph again as District 6 champions. They practiced hard and came intent to win. Braden Aspon started at the mound with Ashton Schmidt behind the plate. Titus Oien, Derek Lewis, Cooper Barnum and Brandon Mukensnabl rounded out the infield. Isaiah Lamont led in center field joined by Nick Alder and Bernardo Aguilar-Pelayo.

Hazel Dell tried to come on strong right out of the gate and were able to load up the bases with two base on balls and an infield error even though they racked up two strikeouts in the process. They were unable to commit any points to the board as Derek Lewis snagged a quick fly out to close the inning. Salmon Creek had a slow start behind the plate until Ashton Schmidt busted a single out of a hit into deep left field. Unfortunately the Creek boys couldn't make anything of it and walked away empty handed.

In the second inning Braden Aspon was warmed up and went through three batters like clockwork with some help from Titus Oien at first. Salmon Creek came back to bat ready to go and were able to load the bases on up on walks and a nice single from Isaiah Lamont. Titus Oien and Nick Alder put the ball in play but drew some infield outs keping the bases loaded. Again the inning closed with 3 runners stranded on a fly out to 2nd.

Aspon stayed strong at the mound lining up three outs and only allowing a single on a wicked hop that no one could have expected over Cooper Barnum at shortstop. In typical fashion the magic happened in the third inning when Salmon Creek started off strong with a single by Derek Lewis followed by a deep shot to left by Ashton Schmidt that he turned into 1 RBI double scoring Derek Lewis. Braden Aspon followed suit also adding an RBI to his double to right-center when he brought Ashton Schmidt in. Isaiah Lamont took first base capitalizing on an error and bringing Aspon for an RBI in the process. The inning closed on strikeouts when Hazel Dell changed pitchers.

In the fourth Inning things settled down again. Aspon stayed at the mound and only let one batter see a single before a play by Titus Oien at first and two fly outs by Isaiah Lamont and Brandon Mukensnabl shut Hazel Dell down again. At bat, Brandon Mukensnabl made it on base with a single, but ended up out at third on a fielders choice while Derek Lewis made it all the way around after a base on balls for the lone score of the inning.

The fifth inning was uneventuful as both teams made quick order of 3 outs with Salmon Creek bringing Cooper Barnum to the mound. In the sixth Hazel Dell tried to rally for a score. Getting two batters on base, a Hazel Dell score seemed eminant before Nick Alder returned a hit with a throw all the wayfrom right field that denied the lead runner a score at home and sent the stands into a tizzy. The game closed on a quick and easy grounder to second that sent the Salmon Creek 9/10 All Stars into the record books for another year.

Salmon Creek Highlights
Pitching: Braden Aspon, Cooper Barnum
Hitting: Brandon Mukensnabl 1B; Derek Lewis 1B; Ashton Schmidt 2B, 1B; Cooper Barnum 1B, Braden Aspon 2B; Isaiah Lamont 1B, 1B

Wish them well as they head off to the state championship tournament which will start on July 14, in Auburn, Washington. In some way shape or form we will keep you updated on this page with their progress.

Photo courtesy of Valeri Olson

9/10 All-Stars Game 2 - Recap by T. Smith

9/10 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 4, Glenwood 0

07/02/2012 - The Salmon Creek 9/10 All-Star's had a slow start tonight leaving some parents nervous in the stands.Manager Troy Schmidt kept pushing the boys hard on offense until Braden Aspon finally came through with a monster triple to break away in the fifth inning. Braden Aspon started at the mound only giving up a base on balls and a single but kept them scoreless and sent three batters back to the dugout on strikeouts. At bat for Salmon Creek Ashton Schmidt ripped a double to left center field bouncing it off the fence just feet from home run territory. Unfortunately it was the only hit of the inning and he was left stranded keeping the game scoreless.

In the second Braden Aspon stayed strong at the mound allowing a single to the first batter but then shutting Glenwood's next three batters down on 12 pitches. Isaiah Lamont had a great hit to center field that would have been a nice double but was called out for stepping out of the batters box. It was all the crowd could do to bite their tongues. Brandon Mukensnabl followed turning a shot to left field into a double on some very quick shoes. Again Salmon Creek was left with one runner stranded on base as the inning closed out and the game again scoreless. Braden Aspon returned to the mound and with a strikeout and the help of 2 defensive outs sending the top of the lineup back to the dugout. Derek Lewis and Cooper Barnum singled in the third and capitalized on some critical fielding errors by Glenwood putting a lone point on the board.

Cooper Barnum came to the mound in the fifth for 3 quick outs against 4 batters only giving up a base on balls. In the bottom of the fifth with the pressure building Ashton Schmidt made it to first on a first base error and Cooper Barnum followed with a single. This brought Braden Aspon up to bat for the play of the game, a crowd raising shot to left field that brought in 2 RBI's and busted open the game. Brandon Mukensnabl managed another double to left field bringing in Aspon and stole third base but the inning closed out with 3 runs before he could reach the plate. Cooper Barnum returned to the mound putting up 1 out and allowing a base on balls before Derek Lewis was brought in to close. Derek made quick work of 7 pitches and quickly closed down the game with a Salmon Creek 4-0 win.

The Salmon Creek 9/10's advance directly to the Championship game against Hazel Dell on Thursday night at 5:30! Come out and cheer them on...

Salmon Creek
Pitching- Braden Aspon, Cooper Barnum, Derek Lewis
Highlights - Derek Lewis 1B, Ashton Schmidt 2B SAC, Cooper Barnum 2-1B, Braden Aspon 3B 2RBI, Brandon Mukensnabl 3-2B

Photo Courtesy of Shawna Barnum - "Brandon Mukensnabl - safe for a double."

Photo Courtesy of Shawna Barnum - "National Anthem"

11/12 All-Star recap by Christine Hill

11/12 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 8, Highlands 2

07/03/2012 - Salmon Creek 11-12 year olds continue to win securing 1st place in pool play and will move on to bracket play. The game started off with Kainoa Crabb and Carter Hill hitting singles through the gap before Garrett Berger had a sacrifice hit scoring Crabb. Max Rose hit a fly out to left field and then a throw was made at home to end the 1st inning. Salmon Creek batted the lineup in the 2nd inning producing only 1 hit by Cameron Yount yet scoring 3 runs by getting on base by errors or walks. Highlands managed to get 2 hits in the 2nd inning but Salmon Creek's defense kept them scoreless. Salmon Creek batted the lineup again during the 4th inning putting another 3 runs on the board. Brent Monahan got hit by pitch, Crabb reached on error, Hill hit a single for Monahan to score, G. Berger hit a single for Crabb to score, and Rose hit Hill in for another run. The inning ended with the bases loaded. Salmon Creek continued to ride on their outstanding pitchers, this game being Garrett Berger, who faced 16 batters through 4 innings keeping the Highlands scoreless until the 5th inning. Crabb hit a single in the 5th and scored on G. Berger's single putting the score at Salmon Creek 8-0. Highlands scored 1 run in the 5th inning on an error and 1 run in the 6th inning on a hit with the final score being Salmon Creek 8 to Highlands 2. G. Berger pitched a great game facing 25 batters until Yount finished the last 2 batters for the game.

Next game is on Friday, July 6th at 8:00 against North Clark before the bracket play.

Salmon Creek
Pitching- Garrett Berger 6 IP, win, 6K's, 7 hits, 1BB; Highlights - Kainoa Crabb 2-4 3R, Carter Hill 2-3 RBI R, Garrett Berger 2-3 3RBI, Max Rose 1-4 RBI, Tyler Berger R, Dylan Bartos 1-2 R, Cameron Yount 1-4 RBI R, Griffin Sissel RBI, Brent Monahan R.

Highlights - Jones 1B, Berry 1B, Sparks 2 1B, Sleasman 2B, Kinnunen 1B, Wheeler 1B, Mudrick 1B.

9/10 All-Stars Game 1 - Recap by T. Smith

9/10 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 12, Ridgefield 0

07/01/2012 - The Salmon Creek 9/10 All Star's came out swinging in the first game of tournament play against Ridgefield. In a quick 4 inning bout, the Salmon Creek 9/10's held Ridgefield scoreless with an ending score of 12-0. The bats came alive immediately for Salmon Creek with 6 runs scored in the first inning punctuated by a 3 RBI triple by Bernardo Aguilar-Pelayo. Braden Aspon started at the mound pitching a perfect 1st inning. Hampered by infield fly outs, only one run scored on an RBI from Brandon Mukensnabl in the second. Isiah Lamont came to the mound only allowing 1 BB to quickly close out the second inning with some defensive help only facing 4 batters. The scoring streak continued in the 3rd inning with 5 runs on singles from Bernardo Aguilar-Pelayo, Ashton Schmidt and Cooper Barnum. The bases were cleared once again on an amazing 3 RBI double that rolled hard and fast all the way to the fence by Braden Aspon. Isaiah Lamont returned to the mound allowing the lone Ridgefield single base hit which remained stranded on base when Cooper Barnum took over on the mound to close the inning. In the fourth inning the bats went quiet and Ridgefield capitalized on a strikeout and 2 defensive outs. Cooper Barnum returned to the mound to close out the game with 3 decisive strike outs in just 13 pitches.

The Salmon Creek 9/10's return Monday night at 5:30 to face Glenwood in their fight to continue in the winners bracket. Come out and cheer them on.

Salmon Creek
Pitching- Braden Aspon, Isaiah Lamont, Cooper Barnum;
Highlights - Ashton Schmidt 2-1B, Cooper Barnum 3-1B, RBI, Braden Aspon 2B 3RBI, Isaiah Lamont 1B RBI, Brandon Mukensnabl 2RBI, Nick Alder 1B 2RBI, Bernardo Aguilar-Pelayo 2B 1B 3RBI

Photo Courtesy of Shawna Barnum - "Bernardo Aguilar-Pelayo"

9/10 All-Stars Undefeated in Pool Play

9/10 All-Stars Undefeated in Pool Play; Begin Tournament Play

06/30/2012 - The 9/10 All-Stars beat La Center this morning 16-4 completing their first week of All-Star pool play undefeated after 4 games. Adding to the excitement this morning Braden Aspon was credited with his first out of the park home run! If you have the proper viewer (Quicktime or Windows Media), you can see the play by clicking here.

Video and image courtesy of Valeri Olson

Tommorrow the 9/10's begin tournament play with their first game against Ridgefield at 3pm.

11/12 All-Stars - Game 2 - Recap by Christine Hill

11/12 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 10, La Center 0

06/30/2012 - Salmon Creek played 5 innings of steady baseball against LaCenter winning 10-0. The hot bats continued coupled with a strong defense starting off the 2nd inning with a 5-4-3 double play in an error free game. Tyler Berger faced 15 batters allowing only 2 hits, 5 strike outs and no walks. Salmon Creek had 10 hits, 5 strike outs and 5 walks.

Next game is on Tuesday, July 3rd at 5:30 against Highlands.

Salmon Creek
Pitching- Tyler Berger 5 IP, win, 5 K's, 2 hits, 0 BB;
Highlights - Kainoa Crabb 2-2 2B RBI 2R, Carter Hill 2-4 2B 2RBI 2R, Garrett Berger 1-3 RBI, Max Rose 2-3 3B RBI R, Tyler Berger 1-2 RBI 2R, Dylan Bartos 1-3 2B RBI, Cameron Yount 1-2 R, Griffin Sissel 2R.

Highlights - Morris 1-2, Lincoln 1-2.

11/12 All-Stars - Game 1 - Recap by Christine Hill

11/12 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 3, Ridgefield 1

06/29/2012 - Salmon Creek and Ridgefield 11/12 year old all stars showed up to play ball. The game was scoreless until the 4th inning when Chris Swan for Ridgefield hit a ground rule double and advanced to third base on a past ball and then again home on a past ball.
Salmon Creek put the ball in play every inning with Griffin Sissel hitting a double in the 3rd, and Dylan Bartos and Cameron Yount hitting
singles in the 4th. The 5th inning got interesting when Carter Hill for Salmon Creek hit a 2 out double up the middle and then advanced to 3rd base during a live ball appeal. Garrett Berger hit Hill in with an RBI single before Max Rose hit a home run over the center field fence for 2 more runs. Ridgefield kept fighting with 2 hits in the 6th inning but left 2 runners on base for the final score of Salmon Creek 3 to Ridgefield 1. Rose dominated the plate the whole night pitching a complete game with 13 strike outs, 2 hits and no walks.

Salmon Creek
Pitching-Max Rose 6 IP, win, 13 K's, 2 hits, 0 BB;
Highlights - Carter Hill 1-2 2B R, Garrett Berger 1-3 RBI R, Rose 1-3 HR 2RBI R, Dylan Bartos 1-2, Cameron Yount 1-2, Griffin Sissel 1-2 2B.

Pitching - Chris Swan 5 IP, loss, 4 K's, 6 hits, 1 BB, 1 HBP;
Highlights - Swan 1-3 2B R, J. Martin 1-3 2B, Tucker Roberts 1-3

Game 2 is against La Center June 30th at 3pm at Star Rental Field/Glenwood Little League.

10/11 All-Stars - Game 4 - Manager's Insider by John Aarhus

10/11 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 10, Hazel Dell 16

06/27/2012 - The SCLL 10/11 All-Star season ended Wednesday, losing to Hazel Dell 16-10. The boys struggled offensively and defensively the entire game - committing 9 errors while accumulating only 5 hits. It was a difficult game to end the All-Star season, especially after playing so well the night before against Ridgefield. I think the boys were mentally exhausted and had a difficult time coming back after losing such a tough game. Offensively, Cooper Conway (1-2, 2 BBs, 3 runs), Bradley Antal (1-4, double, 3 runs), AJ Ahman (1-2, double, 1 BB), and Hunter Aarhus (2-3, triple, 3 runs) contributed the majority of the offense. Defensively, we ran through our entire pitching staff, allowing 16 runs, 14 hits, 9 BBs, and only 4 Ks. Carter Sutton threw the last 3 innings of the game (88 pitches), registering 7 runs, 3 Ks, 3 BBs, slowing the pace of Hazel Dell's offense enough so we could try to make a game of it. Unfortunately, we just couldn't stop the errors or wake the bats up.

Offensive leaders for the SCLL 10/11 All-Star tournament included:
Cooper Conway (.545 AVG, 1 double, 6 runs, .667 on base avg),
Hunter Aarhus (.455 AVG, 1 triple, 7 runs, .667 on base avg),
Liam Kerr (.455 AVG, 2 doubles, .667 on base avg), and
AJ Ahman (.444 AVG, 2 doubles, .545 on base avg, 6 RBIs).

Defensive leaders were:
Jacob Dixon (2nd Base / Pitcher) who threw a great game against Ridgefield, and
Carter Sutton (Shortstop / Pitcher).

Great Season boys! We are all proud of you…

10/11 All-Stars - Game 3 - Manager's Insider by John Aarhus

10/11 All-Stars: Ridgefield 7, Salmon Creek 0

06/26/2012 - The SCLL 10/11 All-Stars lost a tough game Tuesday against a great Ridgefield team (7-0). It was a great defensive battle with the score 1-0 after three innings. At that point, the only run of the game was a towering solo home-run that cleared the fence by at least 50 feet. Salmon Creek fought back with two back-to-back base hits by Liam Kerr and Cooper Conway. A great sacrifice bunt by Kaleb Jacques moved the runners into scoring position, but we were unable to score. Ridgefield returned with a vengeance, nailing two more home runs in the 4th inning to take a 6-0 lead. The SCLL boys never threatened after that. SCLL's defense looked sharp all game. Jacob Dixon pitched a great game [8 hits, 5 Ks, 3 walks] against a team that was averaging 17 runs per game! SCLL just couldn't get their offense going today [10K's, 3 hits, 3 total runners, 0 walks].

SCLL plays Hazel Dell Wednesday at 5:30pm in the final game of the loser's bracket. Winner will play Ridgefield in the Championship Game Thursday at 5:30pm. Come cheer the boys into the Championship game!

10/11 All-Stars - Game 2 - Manager's Insider by John Aarhus

10/11 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 14, Glenwood 6

The Salmon Creek 10/11 All-Stars continued their trek through the winner's bracket Sunday with a decisive win over the tournament host Glenwood Little League. The Salmon Creek boys were antagonized before the game even started and came out with a vengeance, scoring six runs in the bottom of the 1st inning. Glenwood didn't blink, and they answered with five runs of their own in the top of the 2nd inning. After that - Liam Kerr, Cooper Conway, and Hunter Aarhus combined for 4 outstanding innings on the pitcher's mound, allowing only 1 run for the remainder of the game. Meanwhile, Salmon Creek continued to build on their lead - scoring seven more runs in the last three innings to put the game out of reach.

Jacob Dixon had an outstanding effort going 5 for 5 at the plate with three doubles! Rumor has it he played the game without batting gloves and that apparently made all the difference. (Would someone make sure he doesn't find his batting gloves, please.)

Salmon Creek plays the mighty Ridgefield Little League Team on Tuesday, June 26th at 5:30pm. Winner gets an automatic berth to the championship game on Thursday. Loser plays Wednesday.

Photo courtesy Olga Kerr

9/10 All-Stars - Game 1 Pool Play

9/10 All-Stars: Salmon Creek 13, Hazel Dell 0

SCLL 9/10 All-Stars celebrate after Game 1 of Pool Play

Photo courtesy Valeri Olson

10/11 All-Stars - Game 1 - Manager's insider by John Aarhus

10/11 All-Stars: Hazel Dell 7, Salmon Creek 11

06/23/2012 - The Salmon Creek 10/11 Year old All-Star team started their bid for another District #6 Championship today by beating Hazel Dell 11-7 in the first round of the 2012 playoffs. Led by Jacob Dixon's fantastic pitching effort (4 1/3 innings, 1 run allowed) and incredible hitting by Liam Kerr (4-5, 2 doubles), Cooper Conway (3-4), and Hunter Aarhus (3-4, 3 runs), the Creek rolled to their first win of the tournament.

Hazel Dell made a run for it in the bottom of the 4th inning when they scored six runs to make the contest 9-7. But SCLL brought in their secret weapon Kaleb Jacques, who shutout Hazel Dell for the final five outs in 16 pitches!

It was a fun (but stressful) game. Hazel Dell played very well and showed once again why they can never be overlooked. Salmon Creek moves on in the winner's bracket and plays Glenwood Sunday at 4:00pm.

Wish them luck!

Photo courtesy Olga Kerr

10/11 All-Stars - Game 1 - Recap by T. Smith

06/23/2012 - The Salmon Creek 10/11 Year old All-Star team had a strong start in their tournament today by beating Hazel Dell 11-7 in the first round of the 2012 playoffs.  Jacob Dixon was strong on the mound for 4 innings only giving up 1 run. Salmon Creek's offense remained strong racking up 2 runs in the second inning with singles from Hunter Aarhus, Carter Sutton, Torrey Smith and a double from AJ Ahmann. In the third inning Salmon Creek scored 3 runs on a start off double from Liam Kerr and followed with base hits from Cooper Conway, Hunter Aarhus and Carter Sutton. The fourth inning proved to be the crucial point in the game as Salmon Creek scored 4 runs on base hits from Kaleb Jacques, Liam Kerr and Cooper Conway. Hazel Dell came back strong in response with 6 runs while the defense tried to pull things together. In the fifth and sixth inning Salmon Creek brought Kaleb Jacques to the mound. Kaleb shutdown Hazel Dell for the last 5 outs with 16 pitches. The offense scored two more runs in the last two innings on base hits from Liam Kerr and Jacob Dixon. A nailbiter to the very end. Salmon Creek 10-11's continue on in the winners bracket and play again tomorrow at 4pm against Glenwood.

1 2 3 4 5 6 T
(v) Salmon Creek 0 2 3 4 1 1 11
(h) Hazel Dell 1 0 0 6 0 0 7

2012 All-Star teams

Congratulations All-Stars

Good Luck at the District 6 Tournament

2012 SCLL All-Stars

2012 SCLL All-Star Teams

Photo courtesy 4Ever Photography

Photo courtesy 4Ever Photography

Photo courtesy 4Ever Photography

All-Star Rosters

11/12 All-Stars

Dylan Bartos, Garrett Berger,

Tyler Berger, Kainoa Crabb,

Carter Hill, Brent Monahan,

Hunter Renne, Max Rose,

Griffin Sissel, Cameron Yount

Manager: Cliff Yount

Named Coaches: Eric Berger, Brad Hill

10/11 All-Stars

Hunter Aarhus, AJ Ahmann,

Bradley Antal, Cooper Conway,

Jacob Dixon, Kaleb Jacques,

Liam Kerr, Tanner Krohling,

Torrey Smith, Carter Sutton,

Andrew Wisch

Manager: John Aarhus

Named Coaches: Dennis Krohling, Tyson Smith

9/10 All-Stars

Bernardo Aguilar-Pelayo, Nick Alder,

Braden Aspon, Cooper Barnum,

Isaiah Lamont, Derek Lewis,

Brandon Mukensnabl, Titus Oien,

Kyle Olson, Ashton Schmidt

Manager: Troy Schmidt

Named Coaches: Gavin Oien, Jeff Olson