Salmon Creek Little League

Board members are always available to help coaches!

Game Day:

During game day, there is always a Board Member On Duty (BMOD). If you have a problem or question at the fields that need resolution, please contact the BMOD immediately. The staff at the concession stand can point you to the BMOD.

If there is an emergency call 911 first and then immediately find the BMOD.

On game day the BMOD will introduce him/herself to the Managers and Coaches of each game.

BMOD will ensure that Umpires are in place for each game. If assigned umpire does not show up or is late, the home team is responsible for providing an Umpire. Games can't start until the Umpire is in place.

The BMOD will ensure that concession volunteers are in the concession stand. Games can be halted until teams provide their required concession commitments.

The BMOD is a resource at the field for coaches, parents, and players. BMOD will check in on games during play and are available to resolve any issues.

The BMOD can ask an unruly spectator or Coach to leave the park if the situation warrants.

Board Directory:

See the Board page to find the correct contact for your needs.