Salmon Creek Little League

Residence & School Attendance Player Eligibility Requirements

Residency Eligibility Requirements for SCLL and All-Star Play

Everyone needs to pay close attention to the following boundary and residency requirements. And please note. if you think your player may want to participate on any of our all-star teams, they absolutely will need to confirm residency within Salmon Creek Little League before they will be eligible to play. PLEASE NOTE: This information does not cover players that live in a different league boundary and are playing with SCLL because their home league does not a have a team at their age level or division. This situation usually only occurs in our upper divisions for baseball and some of our softball teams.

Every league in Little League baseball/softball has specific boundaries that designate the borders between leagues. Little League Baseball is very strict when it comes to residency requirements for players on All-Star teams, requiring proof of residency through various documents in order to play on one of our All-Star teams. And this is not just for All-Star players; all players, T-ball through Seniors are required to show residency within our league in order to play..

Residency within our boundaries is very important. In order to establish eligibility with SCLL one of the following must be true:

  • the player lives within the SCLL boundary or...
  • the player attends a school that is within our boundary or...
  • the player has a residency waiver that has been signed by the District 6 administrator and the SCLL president allowing them to play in our league.

Please take a moment and check now to confirm that your player's address or their school address is within the SCLL boundary. You can do this by going to the Little League - League Finder web page and entering your player's address or your player's school address. A map will show your residence or school address and the local little league that covers that address. Click here to go to the Little League Finder website.

If your player does not live within the SCLL boundary and does not go to a school that is within the SCLL boundary, there are 2 types of residency waivers that you might qualify for. These can be a little confusing. If you are in this situation and have any questions, please email me at I have listed both types of waivers below with a brief description. You can click on them to see a pdf of the waiver and see if you qualify for either. The deadline for approval by the District 6 administrator for either of these waivers is June 1st in order to be eligible for all-stars this season. If you already have one of these residency waivers it will be on file with our league.

Regulation II(d) or II(a) - This is a waiver in case the player's address changed (you moved) or school location changed or the league's boundaries have changed or the player is a sibling of a player who previously qualified for a II(d) or II(a) waiver. If you ever move out of the SCLL boundary and want your player to continue to be able to play with SCLL, you need to get this waiver the first season after your address changed to outside the SCLL boundary.

Regulation IV(h) Waiver Claim Form - This is a waiver for managers, coaches, or board members who lived within the boundary and managed, coached, or was on the board for 2 consecutive years, then moved out of the boundary and continued their service to the league so that their child can play in the league as long as the parent's service continues.

I know this may be a lot to digest, especially if you're not even sure about All-Stars. Not to fear. This is mostly for those few families that might live outside our boundary so that we can catch it and maybe resolve it. But please be aware, every one of our players needs to have residency with SCLL. Please be proactive and check this so it doesn't become a problem in the future.

Thanks everyone. . .

Attention Softball Players
ATTENTION: Softball players that reside within the Hazel Dell Little League boundary are required to sign up with HDLL at If you aren't sure what league you reside in, use the "Find My League" link above to find out where you should register. All players will then be added to the SCLL/HDLL Softball database.