Salmon Creek Little League

Coach Resources

Here are some examples and templates to make your job a bit easier.

Contacting Your Team:

Once your team roster is finalized by the Player Agent at the end of the draft, you are free to contact your players. The best technique is to call each family, introduce yourself, and give a few specifics about the first practice you will have. Also talk to the player if he or she is available and congratulate them on making your team. Follow up the introductory phone calls with an email with all your contact information and the initial information you want to get out to your parents.

Example email

Team Parent Introduction:

As a Coach, one of the first things you want to do is find a Team Parent. After your Team Parent attends the Team Parent meeting, he or she should send an introductory email to all the families on the team covering the information they learned in the meeting.

Example email

Practice Planning:

To run a fun and engaging practice, it is essential to keep the players active. By planning your practices in advance you can make sure that you cover all the essentials before opening day. Update your notes as you go through the season and use them again year after year.

Example practice plan

Parent Meeting:

After one of the early practices of the season, it is great if you can meet the parents face-to-face. Schedule a short team meeting with the parents immediately after one of your practices (Saturdays are best, since you will have more daylight). Discuss your plans and goals for the season, and your expectations of both the players and the parents. If you are still looking for a Team Parent or Coaches, recruit them on the spot. After the team meeting, follow up with an email to the whole team containing the topics you covered so that parents who missed the meeting also understand your expectations and goals.

Example Team Parent meeting notes