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Intermediate Baseball Division Info

Intermediate (50/70) Division


Little League offers an Intermediate (50/70) division, primarily for 13-year-olds to transition to the regulation size field. The Intermediate division is also open to 12- and 11-year-olds wanting to experience a more competitive style of baseball using regulation baseball rules such as leading off and balks.

The Intermediate division will be played on a field with a 50' mound and 70' bases as opposed to a LL Major field which uses 46' mounds and 60' bases. Little League's Junior division is also an option for 13-year-olds and is played on a regulation size field using a 60' mound and 90' bases.

Little League developed the Intermediate division as a "pilot" division in 2010 to encourage 13-year-old players to continue to play baseball. Little League realized too many kids were leaving LL to play 50/70 divisions in other leagues and many 13-year-olds were not comfortable making the significant jump to a 60/90 field.


The Intermediate division is for any player league age 11-13 years old.


The number of players registered, along with the number or volunteer managers/coaches will dictate the number of Intermediate teams at SCLL. 13-year-olds will be the first players drafted. Once all 13-year-olds have been drafted, only then will 12 and 11-year-olds be able to be drafted. This is considered a primary league for 13-year-olds and we want to make sure any 13-year-old who wants to play, is able to do so. Teams can be comprised of a mix of 11-, 12- and 13-year-olds.


All home games will be played at Luke Jensen Sports Park....the newest and best sports complex in SW Washington! Luke Jensen Sports Park opened in 2012 and is the home of Salmon Creek Little League with two fields capable of allowing 50/70 baseball, one natural turf field and one synthetic turf field, both with lights. Away games will be played at other baseball facilities throughout SW Washington, primarily in the Vancouver area.


There will be a minimum of one game per week, most weeks there will be two. One game on a weeknight and one on Saturday. Games will be scheduled by District 6 staff as most games will be played against other teams within District 6...and possibly some versus District 4 teams.


Pitch count will be based on the age of the pitcher and the responsibility of the manager. Rules and LL bat policies can be found in the LL rule book and on LL's website.

Pitch Count: A coordinated effort will be mandatory between parents and managers to ensure pitching rules are not violated and players do not pitch more than LL rules allow. The safety of our players and the effort to avoid arm injuries is paramount. The emphasis of pitch count cannot be under-stated.

For players only playing Intermediate division: each team's manager is responsible for player pitch count.

Official District 6 Inter-league Rules will be followed for all Intermediate division games played. When final, these rules will be distributed to all managers.

Umpires will be provided by the home team or other local league volunteer umpires. District 6 will has agreed to provide umpires when they are available.

Questions regarding the Intermediate division email


Updated for the 2016 season