Salmon Creek Little League

Volunteer requirements

Requirements and Forms

Thank you for volunteering for SCLL! The strength of our league is in our volunteers. Little League Baseball and the state of Washington have strict rules and guidelines that all volunteers must follow before they can participate in our program.

All volunteers must complete the following steps each year:

1. Volunteer Application & Background Check

This is a National Little League requirement. Volunteers cannot participate in any activity with children until they have passed the background check and have been approved by the Board.

2. Review Important Documents

3. Register Online

Register as a volunteer online, and specify which type of position and level you are interested in.

Managers and Coaches are REQUIRED to complete the following:

4. Double Goal Coach Program

Complete the Double Goal Coach Certification Program. This program does not need to be repeated after the first season. See below for more information. When complete, email the Certificate file you receive in your confirmation email to your commissioner (list). Completing this course once covers the duration of your SCLL coaching career.

5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness

Complete online Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Course and email a copy of the certificate to your commissioner (list). Must be completed every three years.

6. Coaching Clinics

Attend at least one of the coaching clinics. Attending both clinics is suggested, as they contain different material and change from season to season. Bring your gloves and your questions. See the calendar page for times and dates.

7. Umpire Clinics

Each team must have a least one representative at the umpire clinic. It is recommended that all coaches attend. See the calendar page for times and dates.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact SCLL's Coaching Coordinator.

Double Goal Coach Certification Program

Double Goal Coach Certification Program

All Managers and one Coach from every team throughout the League are REQUIRED to complete the class located online through the Positive Coaching Alliance. Instructions for the course are on the PCA page: The Double Goal Certification is a one-time certification. Once certified, a coach is considered certified throughout his or her coaching career with SCLL. This program does have an additional fee.

Note: Manager will not participate in games until he or she is certified and one coach from their team is certified.


SCLL Coaching Clinics

Managers and Coaches are expected to attend one, if not both, Coaching Clinics. Learn from the best the NW has to offer. Watch for further details on time and locations for coaching clinics.

If you cannot attend either clinic, another Youth Coaching Clinic will fulfill this requirement.

See calendar page for dates and times of coaching clinics.

SCLL's Umpire Clinic

Although all volunteers are encouraged, one Manager or Coach from each team must attend this clinic. The clinics will cover all of the SCLL rules and policies including any new rules put into place for the current season.

See the calendar page for times and dates of umire clinics.