Salmon Creek Little League

Game Day Expectations

On game day, everyone has a role. Encourage parents on the team to participate in these responsibilities so that the Manager and Coaches can prepare the players.

Home team:

  • Prepare the fields before the game
  • Provide umpire if one is not assigned to the game or if the assigned umpire can't take the field
  • Keep the League book / pitch count during game
  • Field clean up after the game (rake field)
  • Clean out the dugouts (both sides) after the game
  • National only: Report final score within 12 hours of game completion

Visiting team:

  • Put out garbage can before game
  • Run the scoreboard during game
  • Clean up stands (both sides) after game
  • Clean up any garbage around the field after game and dispose of properly
  • Put away garbage can after game

If the SCLL team is hosting an inter-league game, then the SCLL team is responsible for both the home and visitor team duties.


About two hours before game time, we will post on the SCLL home page if a game is called due to rain. If nothing is posted, then it becomes a game-time decision. All rain information is posted on our Twitter account and Facebook account, so you can get immediate rain information sent to your phone.

Up until game time the decision to play or not is in the hands of the Board Member On Duty and other league personnel on site.

Once the game has started it is up to the umpires to call the game due to rain.

Inter-league games played at other fields follow the rain-out rules of that field. Games at Hazel Dell are always game time decisions, so you must show up ready to play. Ridgefield has a hotline to call, which has rain information.

Lightning Hear it, clear it. See it, flee it:

In the event of lightning, the game is immediately ended and all players are to be cleared from the field.

In the event of thunder without visible lightning, the field is immediately cleared and play may not resume for 15 minutes. If no additional thunder is heard, then play may resume. If any thunder is heard, then the 15-minute wait time is restarted.

Questions? Talk to the commissioner of your league or to the President.