Salmon Creek Little League


Practice can start 30 days before opening day (see calendar).

Commissioners will allocate practice fields/schedules and will hand out equipment prior to practices starting.

Prior to Opening Day, teams will be given the following practice slots by the commissioner:

  • T-Ball: 1 weeknight and 1 Saturday 2-hour slot
  • A & AA: 1 weeknight and 1 Saturday 2-hour slot
  • AAA: 2 weeknight and 1 Saturday 2-hour slot
  • Majors: 2 weeknight and 1 Saturday 2-hour slot

Once the season starts, teams will typically keep their weeknight slots but don't practice on Saturdays since those are game days.

Some practices will be held at Gaiser Middle School. Commissioners for each level are responsible for scheduling these fields.

If your team plays a game on the night of a scheduled practice, you can practice on another night as long as the field is open and you have not practiced more than the maximum number of nights in a given week (see the Rules page for the maximum of each level).

If it is raining during your practice, most of our practice fields are located at schools with covered areas. You can use those covered areas, if they aren't being used by the school, to run some drills.

Keep your practices moving, which will help keep your players engaged. Spend a little time before each practice setting up a practice plan.

Make sure you attend the coaching clinics, as they are filled with information about conducting a better practice, great drills, etc.

There are many fine resources online, such as the following list (SCLL is not affiliated with these sites):

Questions about practice field scheduling should be addressed to your commissioner. Questions about other practice issues can be sent to the Coaching Coordinator.