Salmon Creek Little League


Levels from Single A and above keep a score book. We encourage younger divisions to keep book so that as their child advances through baseball your skills as a scorekeeper will also advance.

In AA, AAA and Majors, there is a league book that must be kept. The home team is respobsible for keeping the home book for that game. All home books are kept in the containers by the designated fields. At the end of the game, both teams need to sign off on the book and verify pitch counts and scores are correct. Each team can also keep its own book but the league book is mandatory and is the responsibility of the home team.

Baseball Majors please report scores to:

It is the responsibility of the home team to report the score of the game within 12 hours of game completion

Links to information about how to score a baseball game:

Keeping a scorebook, part 1
Keeping a scorebook, part 2