Salmon Creek Little League

Umpiring at SCLL

Umpiring games for SCLL can be fun, exciting, and challenging. While some have extensive experience umpiring games, most get their first real taste of umpiring when they are forced behind the plate because the home team is obligated to provide the Umpire.

If you have never umpired a game, the only thing you can do is get behind the plate and go for it. The more games you work, the more comfortable you will become on the field. Many find umpiring games to be very rewarding.

Here are the requirements and some resources to help you do a good job on the field.

Before the Game:

Like any Manager, Coach or other volunteer in Little League, you can't umpire a game until you have filled out the proper forms and have been approved by the SCLL Board.

It is also important that you know the rules of baseball, Little League, and Salmon Creek Little League. Please familiarize yourself with the rules before taking the field. It is also extremely beneficial for everyone if every game Umpire has attended an Umpire clinic prior to umpiring a game.


Prior to the season, Salmon Creek Little League conducts an umpire clinic for everyone in the league. See the calendar page for date and time. Each team must provide at least one representative at this clinic.

Game Day:

Before a game starts, it is up to the Board Member On Duty to decide if a field is playable or not. Once a game is underway, the umpires now control whether a game is playable or not.

Umpires should be demonstrative and decisive so when a call is made, players, Coaches, and spectators all know it. We don't always make the correct call, but a good umpire makes a call decisively. After a play is over, if it needs to be discussed with the other umpires, take the time to do so and make the correct call.

Only call what you see. If you don't see a player being tagged out, you can't call him out.

If there is an issue that cannot be resolved, find the Board Member on Duty and discuss before resuming play.

District Umpire Meetings:

Held weekly during the season, a group of umpires in District 6 meet to improve their skills, talk about rules, etc. Meetings are typically Wednesday night at Glenwood Fire Station. During the off-season, this group meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month.


Have a question about umpiring, contact our Umpire-In-Chief.